Engineering support

  • Solar photovoltaic system engineering scheme

    Lighting scheme

    1.Strong support technical team to solve various problems of products and applications.

    2.Using in-depth design plans to provide the best intelligent lighting scheme.

    3.Provide accessories profile requirements.

  • Engineering site guidelines

    Engineering site guidelines

    1.Having lighting construction qualification can makes it possible for the engineering technical personnel to perform installation on site in order to ensure the project progress and construction quality.

    2.Provide correct and adequate technical service and training for product inspection and acceptance.

  • Customer complaints and Suggestions

    Customer complaints and Suggestions

    1.24-hour hotline.

    2. Responding to product quality problems within 48 hours.

    3.During the warranty period we are responsible for maintenance and replacement of damage caused by product quality problems.

  • Project quality follow-up and feedback

    Project quality follow-up and feedback

    1.Regular feedback to understand the later state of the project.

    2.Discover and help to solve all kind of problems in use.