Service commitment

Chishuo science and technology service conceptfive heart service mode

Service commitment

"Five-star" service commitment:

One.Regulations : resolution prevents users from making a second call for the same problem;

Two. guarantees: must provide product sales support to ensure that the sales links don’t cross goods and infringement of the interests of the dealer;

Three. Privacy:

our personnel does not leak records of customer calls; A seamless solution to customer problems; To track the result of problem processing without overlooking any problems or details;

Four. elements: initiative ; Care to be sincere ; quick service; Good service;

Five. Ideals in place: established service attitude ; Service ideology ; Service technology; Service management ; Service action .

Service commitment

Provide 24-hour hotline service, provide pre-sales consultation, sales arrangement , handling after-sales complaints and other series of service support. Our company has always followed the customer demand first, customer satisfaction as the service purpose, established an effective guarantee enterprise sustainable development of customer service support system, in order to achieve customer and company harmonious development, mutual prosperity and win-win goals.

Pre-sales service:

According to the requirements of the customer, the two parties shall jointly formulate the implementation plan, fully consider the requirements of the user in terms of system function and quality, formulate specific design and solution, and provide technical advice from the engineer.

Provided service:

Before the installation and use of products,we co-operate with customers to send personnel to the company's production base to understand the situation and check the quality of products. The design and construction of the system shall be implemented in strict accordance with the requirements of the contract and the standards of relevant national departments.

After-sales service:

From the date of product installation and acceptance,we provide maintenance of products and accessories, good technical support and preferential supply of spare parts.

Give customers a good product experience and create higher customer satisfaction

Customer service hotline, anti-counterfeiting hotline:400-886-6136